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Q.  Why should I use Super Search Rank?

A.   Search engine marketing is a proven effective marketing strategy.  Getting more traffic to your web site will help you make more money.  The idea behind Super Search Rank is that it's reasonably priced yet extremely effective so that it pays for itself quickly and then beyond that, it's all new money you are earning.  Every day potential customers are actively searching for what you offer.  High search rankings insure they can find you without the high cost of Adwords and other ad programs.

Most creatives don't have the time to learn a new skill-set like search engine marketing and often the costs have been prohibitive.  And sadly, this important marketing area has been given a bad reputation by a few bad apples.  My honest and effective services are priced right and the work is done for you so that you can concentrate on what you do best, your business.

You'll get prompt, personalized hands-on service and I’ll do everything I can to make sure you are a happy camper.

Q.  What makes your system so effective? 

A. I use an all inclusive plan that I've refined over the last 12 years.  Top search engines rely heavily on back links (links to your site) to determine the value of your site.  If a site has a lot of back links to it, it must be worthy of a higher ranking, according to Google's process.  You may not have a lot of links but I have a high traffic (family friendly) site with 297,000 back links and when I link to your site, you get the benefit of all of my links.  Sites that back link to my site include Bloomberg / Businessweek, USA Today, NASA, MENSA, ABC World News, Popular Mechanics, The Village Voice, tons of blogs and 1,000+ Facebook links. Your site is linked on every page of my 300 page site. 24/7/365.

I work with you to determine the proper keyword phrases to use for your type of business and create meta tags for your top five site pages. You benefit from my 20 years of marketing experience, 14 of them internet related.

Plus you'll get some secret sauce tricks I'll show you, minor changes to your site that will enhance everything I'm doing on my end. 

The combination of these items is extremely effective, takes very little effort on your part and is very affordable for anyone serious about having their site at the top of search engines. 

Q.  How can you keep the cost so low? 

A.  I do everything myself and I automated some of the processes in order to keep my SEM (search engine marketing) program completely affordable.   It's important to make my program very affordable because you never want to stop the process, because if you do, you will lose all of the benefits of links and submissions and your site will drop dramatically in rankings, almost immediately.

Q.  How long does it take for my site to start appearing on search engines? 

A.  Typically you will find your site listed within the top five pages of search engines within 90 days.  After about three to five months, you will often be on page 1 of top search engines for 4-5 of your keywords.  I've had some clients sites pop to the top of search engines within a week.  A new client (April 19, 2011) had his site pop to the top ten pages of search results for 5 of his keywords within ten days. And that's just the start, it will continue to get better week after week.  Results will vary based mostly on how many results are listed for each search term and if your site has been active for more than a year and submitted to search engines before. 

Q.  Do I have to make the minor changes you suggested for my web site?

A.  You aren't required to make any changes but you will have more impressive results if you do.  The minor changes I'll suggest for your site should take less than half an hour to implement, one time, and they won't effect the design or text within your site.  Easy stuff. 

Q.  Your program allows for 10 keyword phrases.  I can see where I would have even more traffic if is had 40 keyword phrases.  Can I get more keyword phrase links?

A. The more keyword phrases linked on my sites and submitted weekly to search engines, the bigger your results will be.  You get ten keyword phrase links included in the Basic Super Search Rank program.  The Pro package includes 25 keyword phrase links.  If you would like more, I can add additional keyword phrases as links to your site for $10 per link, per month. 

Q.  Does your program work for images too?

A.  I have great success getting my images to the top of search engines, so using my program, you can too. I'll guide you on how to make this happen.  There is no additional charge to help with getting your images to the top of search engines.  Currently half of my search traffic is a result of image searches and half is a result of word searches. More and more people are searching for images in larger numbers.

In the new survey by Photoshelter “What Buyers Want From Photographers”  there is an eye opening statistic: 61% of buyers search Google for images.

Q.  Does your program work outside of the USA?

A.  My program is primarily for English language web sites that cater to an English speaking audience.  While I am based in the USA, I can submit your site to search engines for any country that you live in. Even though I live in the USA, my personal web sites have high rankings in other countries too and lot's of traffic from outside the USA including the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.





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