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 Pro Package Pricing

This all-inclusive package is extremely effective at getting you high rankings for your chosen search terms. 

$200 per month*

The Pro package includes everything you need for great site rankings

  • You are provided with all of the keywords for your site

  • You are provided with complete meta tags, titles and site descriptions for your top five pages. You just need to cut and paste them into your site.

  • You are provided with written guidance on simple changes to your web site that can have a dramatic positive effect on your search rankings

  • You get semi-permanent keyword links for your top ten (10) keyword phrases on my very popular, heavily linked site.  This is extremely effective and important.  My link site alone can skyrocket your site to the top of the search engines.  Your keywords and links will appear on every page of my 300 page web site.

  • Your site is submitted to all the major search engines AND hundreds of link pages every week, 52 times per year. This is very effective. I've been doing it with my sites for 12 years.

*$200 per month. You may pay with a check or credit card. Check payments are billed quarterly and prepaid.  Credit card payments are set up as monthly recurring. You may cancel at any time.

*Or you can prepay annually for $2,000 and the setup fee is waived. You save $400.

There are no long term contracts. You may stop at any time, although it's not recommended because you will lose your rankings.

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