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So Simple - Yet So Effective

High search rankings for your web site and images is one of the most powerful marketing strategies available. Yet most photographers, stock agencies and creatives do very little to capitalize on it's power to increase income.

I created a simple and very affordable solution that is proven to be absolutely effective with fast results.  95% of the work is done for you with my all inclusive affordable program.

Search engine ranking is still a level playing field where a one-person business (and big businesses too) can outrank large corporations, IF you know the right techniques.  I've spent the last 12 years keeping my sites (and  a hand full of customers and friends) at the top of search engines. Now you can get top search engine rankings at an affordable price.

For a complete list of services I provide in my all inclusive program, please read the next column to the right, "All Inclusive Services Provided."

91% of Internet users use search engines to find sites that interest them or to make purchases.



All Inclusive Services Provided

  • I work with you to develop the proper keywords and phrases customized specifically for your type of business and location. Then a list of your keywords are provided to you.
  • You get complete meta tags, titles and site descriptions for your top five pages. You just need to cut and paste them into your site.
  • You receive written guidance on simple changes to your web site that can have a dramatic positive effect on your search rankings
  • You get semi-permanent keyword links for your top ten keyword phrases on my very popular, heavily linked site.  This is extremely effective and important.  My link site alone can skyrocket your site to the top of the search engines.  Your keywords and links will appear on every page of my 300 page web site.

  • Your site is submitted to all the major search engines AND hundreds of link pages every week, 52 times per year. This is very effective. I've been doing it with my sites for 12 years.

How Links Effect Rankings

Links Work! Search engines look at which sites are linked to your site.  This is a big part of the formula they use to determine the popularity and worth of your site.  If a lot of important sites link to a certain site, and that site links to your site, in the eyes of the search engines, you have a popular worthy site

One of my personal entertainment web sites (family friendly) has more than 297,000 sites linked to it including Bloomberg / Businessweek, USA Today, NASA, MENSA, ABC World News, Popular Mechanics, The Village Voice, tons of blogs and 1,000+ Facebook links.  When I link to your web site from my web site, you get all of the benefits of my thousands of high demand links.  Search engines love my site.

Links on my site push YOUR WEB SITE to the top of the search engines and you are not affiliated with my site in search terms.  Having links on my site will not show up in search results or effect your site, except to drive it to the top of the search engines.

Each of your keyword links to your site appear on every page of my 300+ page web site. 





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